Friday, August 26, 2011

The Renovation

Living Room

Space planning and interiors are created through the  clients vision and fantasy.  From that vision, we achieve the  warm and positive energy the client needs to  experience  each time they walk into that room.  It is my client's fantasy that can be created through  creative direction. Sometimes the objective may be warmth and coziness.  Other times it may be a travel vision, perhaps somewhere the client has traveled and experienced, hence surrounds himself with this vision. Another thing to consider is the location of the home and how can we design the space to reflect the surrounding beauty and charm.    I have been to Italy and France many times and each time I took with me a vision and incorporated  some of that feeling  into my home. We live what we experience, and the most wonderful place to do that, is in our homes.

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New Kitchen and Window

The House:  A Ninety Year Old White Dutch Colonial that has been recently brought back to life.   The house had been on the market for months.  The wonderful old home was  originally scheduled  to be torn down . However, the original buyer decided against the project.  My company came on the scene and  realized the charm in this old gem. After some negotiating . We bought the home started the renovation. The project was started in June 2009. The entire kitchen needed to be gutted and old pipes removed. We installed new plumbing and electrical system...Brought the floors back to the original color.  Replaced all the windows and renovated the bathrooms. It had a beautiful sun room that opened up to the the large back yard! We completed the entire home in 3 months

Front Yard

Dining Room


Start of Renovation 
Always complete the vision by extending it to your outdoor surroundings, keeping the wonderful flow, and as soon as you enter the home, through leaving the back door into back yard landscaping you feel the same energy.  It may take some time and planning but if you create the thoughts and write them down and create a portfolio for each project the dream visualizes.  It's all about your fantasy in simple style with classic aesthetics.
Installing new window in Kitchen/ pavers and new landscaping
Old linoleum was replaced with Mosaic tile

Old Windows in Bedroom

 Replacement Windows

 Half bath installed downstairs
 formerly a closet

Dining room with French Doors
Layout of instructions hung on wall kitchen

The old kitchen had old walls of wired plaster that had to be ripped out and new sheet rock installed.
In addition there was an old sewer pipe running down a wall interfering with new cabinets. The plumber removed  the old pipe and installed new PVC inside the wall.  The Kitchen had one very small window so two new windows where installed.

Work in Progress

Detached Garage with Loft/ Gray Paver installed in Driveway
The old driveway was black macadam. We wanted to give a softer look to the surroundings. So a  gray paver block stone was installed and it gave the house a lighter more welcoming feel.


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