Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Bedroom Cozy

Hey great friends! October 22nd , East coast people can feel the chill in the air! Time for a bedroom makeover? Thinking about a change for your favorite cozy spot,  try new bedding, carpeting, pretty accents, add an end table or bench,  some pillows. How about a woven throw?  It's the perfect time of year to decorate the bedroom for the cozy winter that is ahead of us.
Here are a few photos to give you inspiration!

Read Kings Lane Article designer Michael Smith

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Window Seating-Banquettes

Hello October loves!   Window seating is a creative solution to make corner areas  in your home, warm cozy and inviting.  The options are endless and the units can be used as storage as well as a comfy corner to read and relax.  Kitchen Banquets  fill areas where there is a small or large space with seating cabinets and cushions.  The built- in units are low cabinets either with draw space or open areas for baskets . To finish a base molding gives a finished appearance.

Have a great day!