Sunday, November 29, 2015

Selecting a Stone for Countertops

Hello ! December is almost here and holiday season in full swing.  Have you completed your 
home renovation or are you thinking about a project??

  Today I wanted to discuss countertops and 
products available on the market.  In the past we would  visit the  stone yard for a granite or marble counter top and select one with combined marble coloring.
Today there are dozens of new choices especially in engineered stone, very  durable and long lasting. There is  CeasarStone, which comes in beautiful tones and marble look alikes so easy  to keep clean and looks stunning for years , Dupont Zodiaq quartz  has a calcutta, a favorite ,see link below )
Dupont still manufactures corona and can be back lit.
Many of my recent projects have had a waterfall countertop over one side to the floor.
This requires a strong material and marble tends to be fragile.
I do love my statuary Marble top.  However, it will dull if not treated and stains are apparent and
must be  careful with wine and fruit acids.
There are is concrete fabricators that pour countertops.  Must us an experienced company!
It worth a trip to a large stone yard to educate yourself to materials.
You can get samples and test for durability

Enjoy December and ask questions if you need to know more about stone surfaces

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