Living Through A Renovation

The work rules should cover the following: 

How to Live through a renovation
  1. Determine earliest and latest hours for working. Typical work hours are from dawn to dusk. If you have special requirements, or you just need a break once in a while, spell out the hours when work is not allowed. Do, however, expect to make an exception here and there, especially where critical tasks absolutely have to be done.
  2. NO Smoking areas: Odds are very good that at least some of the craftsmen on your project will smoke. If you have special concerns about smoking, you need to let them know.
  3. Entrances: Generally workmen will use an entrance closest to the project site. Where possible we prefer an entrance not frequently used by your family — even to the point of building a temporary entrance where needed. Craftsmen will use only the designated entrance. Your family should use it as little as possible to avoid mishaps.
  4. Keys: Unless you intend to be on site at all times work is being done, we will need keys to your house. Except for very unusual situations, only the project manager will have a key and is the person responsible for it. If he needs to give it to someone to get in your house, he will make every effort to let you know. Do not give out keys to any workman unless you have discussed it with the project manager and he approves.
  5. Storage: There will have to be storage on site for tools and materials. If possible, we will store tools inside the house. Where not possible, we will bring on site portable tool storage. We will also need to discuss where materials may be safely stored with minimal disruption to your use of the premises.
  6. Parking: We try to park at your home only those vehicles that are absolutely required. But this may mean as many as 5 or 6 vehicles at one time on rare occasions. We will not operate heavy trucks on your driveway due to the possibility of pavement damage, and generally do not allow any vehicle to be parked in your driveway. But if there is no other parking, we may have little choice. If special parking permits are required, we will obtain them from the governing entity. If you have a neighbor who will be upset by trucks in front of his or her house, please let us know.
  7. Children and Pets: Children and household pets must be kept out of the construction area for their safety, the safety of our personnel, and to minimize disruption on the job site.
  8. Off-Limits Areas: All parts of the house not involved in the project are off limits to all of our personnel unless you specify otherwise, the exception being bathroom facilities. Any of our personnel in an unauthorized part of your home should be reported to the project manager immediately.
  9. Bathrooms: For a large job expected to last several weeks, we will bring in a portable toilet. Otherwise, we need to arrange for toilet facilities for crew during the remodeling.
  10. Music: We do not allow the playing of radios or recoded music on the project site except through personal earphones.
  11. Cleanup: The site will be picked up and swept up each day. Trash will be removed, and tools and materials stowed. We do everything we can to keep waste in its place and out of the way. But there is no way to avoid a mess when remodeling. We want to work out a plan for handling waste materials so they will be routed away from sensitive areas, such as gardens or porches. Trash is hauled away on a regular basis. 
  12. Signs: We may post one sign in your yard during the remodel, two signs if you are in a corner house. We need to know where you prefer it to be set, if you have a preference.
  13. Going With the Flow:   Have a sense of humor and Patience through your project!

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