Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Apartment In A Castle

The Old and The New Jaffe Castle Apartment

 Pitsou Kedem Architects recently completed this 100 sq meter, castle-like apartment project in Old Jaffa, Tel Aviv, Israel. The challenge was to restore the structure’s old characteristics including the arches and stone and beach sand walls, while creating more open and modern spaces one can freely float in and out of. While the textures of the exterior of the house were preserved as was much of the interior, the aim was to make the apartment appear more urban and loft-like by adding stainless steel appliances and a more fluid layout. What is most interesting about the Jaffa apartment, whose balconies all face West towards Mediterranean waters, is despite the dichotomy of old and new, a sense of harmony is still omnipresent.

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HideeKlyn said...

If my residential home builders could come up with something similar to this, I wouldn't think twice into hiring them. This house looks so gorgeous. It reminds me of my dream getaway.