Saturday, January 5, 2013

Bathroom Design

Happy 2013!   Thinking of a bath makeover?   Check out these stunning ideas in bath design! Light plays an important element in the bathroom.  Natural light always seems to make us look pretty! Tile, fixtures, sinks, tubs, oh goodness where to start.  The layout can be changed and of course take in your plumbing consideration.  Can your ceiling be made higher, or can a old closet be removed.   Open   up all the options for a bath you love to enter!   
   Wishing you, family and friends a wonderful New Year in 2013!


E said...

Daylight really makes a bathroom beautiful! I live in a basement currently, and can't wait to get out and have some windows.

Ripped Nylon

Unique Project Bathrooms Edinburgh said...

Design and style of those bathrooms is truly amazing.