Friday, January 3, 2014

The Rustic Kitchen

Happy New Year Friends !  I have a good feeling about 2014!   A resolution for the new year is to  bring more interior design information and posts to 702hollywood!  More and more clients are
wanting their dream kitchens and are doing the research to make sure they wake up to exactly the kind of kitchen they have always dreamed.  The first thing one must decide is the design look and feel of the space.  Would that be a  Tuscan Style or Manhattan look. Is a french chateau style  you are leaning towards or a country home feel!   Do you love woods, stone or metal.  Think about your favorites and incorporate them into your kitchen. Have you always dreamed of beams in your kitchen or lots of light with many windows. Do you love light cabinets or prefer dark rich wood. Start your portfolio of ideas, so when your time comes for  your new kitchen. You have a book of visuals you have already put together!   Wishing you a happy healthy and peaceful 2014!   

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